How to get over a breakup: 5 Steps to regain happiness


Your going through a breakup and have that overwhelming sickening feeling; its not quite loss, its not quite grief, its a feeling that nothing can seem to get rid of. Breakups are always going to be hard, no matter if you initiated it, or they did, but there are some steps you can take to regain your happiness without the cliché of time.

1. Talk it out.

Although you may feel like a bit of a burden, talking to your close friends and family is the best medicine. Rationalising the relationship with another helps you to remember the negatives, rather than only thinking of the positives, which we all tend to do at the beginning of a breakup. Talking it out, and physically saying things out loud allows you to really understand why you’re feeling the way you are, and although you may never get the conclusive answers you’re looking for, if you can come to terms with the best answers for you, believe them.

2. Listen to your favourite songs.

I have to be honest I usually have a day of sad and uplifting songs, I then try to filter them down to only the uplifting ones by the following day. You are allowed to be sad, and sometimes a few sad songs can let out the tears you need. Just make sure you listen to songs that make you feel like an amazing powerful woman too! Destinys Child is alwasy a winner for me!

3. Join the gym.

A great one, not only for your mental state but will help you to look great too. I found that filling the first few weeks with a (light) gym class each day really helped, it meant I wasn’t spending the evenings alone giving myself time to think too much. I would plan an evening class around 8pm, meaning I could get home from work, eat, get ready, gym and then come back, get ready for bed and relax. No time to feel sorry for myself!

4. Plan something.

A night out, a holiday, anything that you can look forward to. Having something positive to focus on that is in, the not too distant future, takes your mind off the “time” you will need to get over the breakup.

5. Make overs.

This can be anything from a new hair colour, new clothes, new perfume, make-up, even making over your social media accounts. Deleting (or hiding) all those reminders and making yourself look fabulous and happy. I personally wouldn’t suggest a drastic hair cut though, it never ends well!


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