7 Habits that are ruining your relationship

We all have our ups and downs, especially when it comes to our relationships and lets be honest some are just not meant to be. However, there are some relationships worth fighting for and here is a list of habits you need to quit in order to keep your relationship going and make it stronger than ever.

Thinking about the future.

Many couples, especially when a relationship is new,don’t have the same plans/dreams for the future. One may want to get married, the other may not. Thinking about these differences will inevitably put a strain on the relationship, and I know many people will say that you shouldn’t be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want the same future as you, but why not? There are many people in this world that were once in an amazing relationship, who both wanted the same thing; they wanted to get married and have children and buy the perfect home, and it still ended in divorce. They changed their mind somewhere along the line and that may also happen for couples that have different dreams. The person who always wanted to get married may change their mind or visa versa. You cant see into the future and you never know when someone might change their mind, so live for the day and as long as you are happy in your relationship, stop worrying about its future

2. Comparing your relationships to others.

Never compare your relationship to someone else’s. Firstly, due to the fact that you don’t know the other couples whole story. Yes, it might look amazing on the outside, but these people aren’t going to tell you about their arguments, money worries etc. You are only going to see what they want you to, so as the saying goes, your comparing your real life to their highlight reel. Secondly, everyone is different; just because they have only been together for two years and already have a baby, doesn’t mean that’s the path you need to take. Maybe you need to concentrate on your career or you want to buy a house before having children. Every relationship is individual and has its own needs, dreams and path.

3. Trying to change your partner.

Its never going to happen, stop trying. Stop making them feel guilty for who they are. You have to either love them or leave.

4. Not communicating.

When something is wrong you need to be able to speak to your partner and you have to allow them to do the same. Harbouring thoughts and feelings can be very damaging for a relationship.

5. Not forgiving.

Once an apology has been given and the issue has been resolved, forget about it and forgive. Bringing it up again and again will make your partner feel like you will never forgive them and also will make them feel like there is no point apologising in the future. It is also very draining when someone keep bringing up the same issue and your partner may just get fed up with it.

6. Having arguments through text.

Texting isn’t that great even for nice conversations, it can always get misconstrued. Never, ever, argue via text. You cant get across how you feel and it always comes across much worse than its supposed to.

7. Spending too much time together.

There a few reasons why you should have time apart. One, is that it will give you more to talk about when you are together, two, it gives you time to catch up with your friends and family and three, you can look forward to seeing each other, which is always a great feeling.


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