The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Passion

I have read countless inspiring blog posts about “Finding your passion” usually in the pursuit of deciding what to do with my life. Always being told to follow your passion, do what your good at, everyone is great at something…. But what if you really have no idea what your good at, you maybe haven’t tried enough things to know what your really enjoy, or maybe you even think you’re not good at anything…. well not enough for it to be a passion or a career anyway.

I mean, I work in admin, and pretty much always have done, not doing anything special in particular, no real talent needed here. When I was young I dipped my toe in a number of hobbies; horse riding, swimming, dance, violin….but they amounted to nothing due to my own lack of enthusiasm. Subsequently I am left with no “talents” and so, nothing I can really call a passion.

The only thing I could ever really think of was writing, and I really not particularly talented at that, I just enjoy it. It has taken me a long LONG time to actually give writing a go (In the form of this blog) and I know, as I start out, it’s probably not going to be the best content people have ever read, but I have realised, that doesn’t matter. Its my passion, it’s the one thing I go back to every time I ask myself what I enjoy and so, if I enjoy it, then maybe I should just give it a go.

In my long pursuit to convince myself that I could actually follow my passion and stop worrying about what might go wrong I learnt a few things that I wanted to share with you all, in my “Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Passion”.

Step one: Stop searching.

Stop asking yourself, what is my passion, why don’t I have one, why isn’t there anything I enjoy enough to be a passion. Just stop. This gets you absolutely nowhere. I have stressed over these questions and many more, for years and all it did was push me further and further away from finding something I was truly passionate about. All my mind was focussed on was why I couldn’t find anything and why I wasn’t good at anything. This was in turn taking up valuable space in my thoughts. Once you stop worrying and forcing these thoughts, things that are positive and most likely things you enjoy will have space to develop in your mind.

Step two: Do something each day that you enjoy.

Whether that be reading a book or going for a walk, whatever it is, do it everyday, and of course it doesn’t have to be the same thing everyday. Write down each day what is was that you did that you enjoyed. Do this for a week, a month, however long you want. Get a real variety of things on your list. Once your happy with your list, take a look at it, is there a pattern? Maybe you spent 4 days of your week doing something active or maybe something creative? Or maybe you just went to the beach everyday…. It doesn’t matter what you found, if you have found a pattern, you have found what you enjoy and what you can do each day without a second thought.

Step three: Pursue your findings.

Now we need to put that activity you enjoy into something you can pursue, maybe even as a career. Lets say for example all you did this week was, go for a drive to your favourite spot with an amazing view. What’s stopping you from taking a camera with you, maybe take a few photo’s? and what’s stopping you finding other views and taking a camera with you there? (Aside from obviously the expense of a camera….but you can always use your phone!) If you can see the beauty in a view, then you clearly have an eye for beautiful things and just maybe other people would like to see that too. Another example; you’ve been for a run everyday, maybe the gym? Why not become a personal trainer? You can make money from something you already do everyday (or not make money, if you wish to train people for free). Your passion is sometimes something so obvious, something you already do unconsciously and people are often too caught up in thinking about something they can do, rather than something they are already doing.

Step four: Do that thing.

Start, today! You will never know if something is a passion until you actually do it….Obviously! We can convince ourselves out of things instantly, thinking why it might not work, but if you continue down that road you’ll never do anything. Make that first small step today. Its doesn’t matter what it is, maybe just a bit of research, or joining a course, whatever it is, don’t put it off until tomorrow and if your already essentially doing it, it may only take a little extra work to turn that activity into a career. If you just wish to keep your passion as a hobby, well look…your already there!


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