How to forgive someone who broke your heart


We don’t always get an apology or the closure we need, but we still must forgive to allow ourselves to move on. The sooner we can forgive someone for breaking our heart, the sooner we can start putting the pieces back together.

“One of the hardest things you will ever have to do, my dear, is to grieve the loss of a person who is still alive”.


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Why being a people pleaser isn’t always a bad thing


One of the things I keep learning is that the secret of being happy is doing things for other people. Dick Gregory

I am a people pleaser, my mother is a people pleaser, as is her mother and all of you natural people pleasers out there will know that nothing makes us happier than making others happy.

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How to live in the present

Thinking too much about the past or the future, robs us of the present. We can spend hours, days, weeks, even years thinking about our past and worrying about our future. Each minute that we use up doing this, is one more minute we lose of our present life and one more minute added to our past that we have wasted. We have to learn that what’s in the past can never be changed no matter how much it hurts. We can think about things a thousand times and it wont bring us any relief. And In terms of our future, its great to dream, but those dreams will never come true if we don’t start today. Thinking gets you nowhere.

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Why you can’t take your own advice about beakups


Amongst friends you’re the relationship advice guru and you always know the right thing to say when someone is upset or going through a tough time. But the moment you’re in turmoil, going through a breakup, all that knowledge and rationale goes out the window.

You can sit for hours talking about what you should do, how you should feel and tell yourself you do deserve better and then 5 minutes later you’re sat on your bed crying into you’re hands asking why you weren’t good enough.

You can tell your friends to never settle for a man that doesn’t deserve them, but when it comes to you, you convince yourself it’s not the same, but it is! Whatever it is that you would tell your friend, you need to be telling yourself. It’s hard to do, but we already know you’re a rational thinker, so you are more than capable of doing it.

I think the reason behind the struggle of taking your own advice, is when you’re dealing with someone else’s problem there is no emotion involved and although you may feel terrible for them, unconsciously you know that you are separated from the situation and that it wont effect you. However, once your own emotions get involved, they usually take over any logic that’s trying to help you through your tough time. You’re in a battle with yourself, knowing full well why you are better off or knowing that time really is a healer.

I think the real problem is, when we tell people things like; time is a healer or he will regret leaving you,we don’t actually realise what we are saying, it’s just words, it’s the right words, but to us it really has no meaning. You could say “you will never get over this” and it would have the same emotional meaning to you. Obviously it would be a horrible thing to say, but what I’m saying is, we don’t actually believe what we are saying. Maybe because we haven’t experienced what they are going through, or simply we are just trying to say the right thing.

To be able to take our own advice when it comes to breakups we really have to believe what we say to others. The trouble is, just like when we are telling someone else these nice things that are essentially just words to us, it is exactly how we tell them to ourselves. You can sit there and literally say out-loud, I deserved better and you will know full well that you don’t even believe what you’re saying, it is still just words.

The next time someone comes to your for advice, don’t just say the right thing, don’t just say the words, tell them something you truly believe. Tell them the exact reason why that jerk doesn’t deserve them, really think about your answer, get emotionally involved for that moment, so that you can really believe it yourself. It will be easier to believe your own advice,if you believe the advice you give to others.